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Sailing in Thailand is so different than anywhere else in the world, and that is basically the Adventure. The way to get here is easy, many flights to  Bangkok, Phuket.

In Phuket we have super markets the same as home, so you can really stock up your boat, but then the Adventure starts. There are no marinas or harbors, so every night you go for anchor behind an island.

The sailing area is superb, rivers you can explore, islands with caves, islands with locals who hardly ever see white people on their shores, quite adventurous for most people. Also you hardly see other sailing boats, you are almost alone.

Catch your meal, go fishing, and make a fire on the beach and eat under the stars, that is something you don’t do often at home.

Sail to Ko Tarutao, this island used to be a prison camp during the second world war, and a pirate base until 1949, you still can find the caves where they stanched the gold, an adventure? For the kids for sure.

The islands around Koh Talibong, that’s where you will find dugons, or sea cowes, they are rare but if you spot them you have seen something very special.

Also a very special adventure is a 5 day charter where we only eat what we catch, fish, crabs, shellfish, and on shore we’ll find bananas, coconuts and vegetables.

Of course we have some emergency meals on board but the idea is to live from the sea, a real adventure and for sure you will lose some weight. 

Sailing from island to island, or island hopping.

All this is an adventure especially  for the city people and for the kids.


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